Speculative Design / Fiction Design
Individual Project | RISD GRAD ID STUDIO I


What if we can modify our memory on purpose? If we were able to transfer terrible memory to a good one, would our life be better?

FICTION I: Living Without Memory

At the beginning of this project, I was asked to make a fiction video. In this video, I imagined a fiction community. Residents wake up in the morning of each day, go out of their homes and say hello to their neighbors, just like they have never seen each other before. They live a life without memories, and for them, every day is a new day. I tried to explore how people would live if they had no memory. What the meaning of life if you have no memory? For society, does resetting every day make this society stagnant?

FICTION II: Customize Your Memory

Narrowing it down to the personal level, I wanted to design a new therapy method through reconstruct memory. Instead of medicine, traditional counseling, this new therapy method is changing objects related to the memory people want to change, coming up a new story, transfer negative experience into an optimistic one. 


Here is a kind of a promotion video, shows how it works.

REFLECTION: Is it a perfect thing to be able to modify your memory?

After that, I asked my self, is it beneficial to have good memories instead of bad ones? Inspired by the quote from George Santayana, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” , I wished my final work would let the audience to reflect if it is always wonderful to live without lousy memory. To achieve my goal, I built up a business website which introduces the services to manipulate people's memories and a podcast where the customer can share their experience and feeling after accepting the service.


Memo-Lab "Official": https://zyqiaoo.wixsite.com/memolab

exhibited on ID Grad Show --  ‘Design Thinking’ - Design. Thinking - Design / Thinking?