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In this survey, I asked people questions about school uniform, other school regulations and if there is any family rule that make them unhappy, uncomfortable.



Self-Expression / Discipline



Here is space for me to keep a record of my thesis research process.

I started my thesis topic from two words, self-expression and discipline. 

In this project, I want to talk about :

How are we affected by all the discipline received from our family and society? Think about what image we chose to show others? How do we make this decision? Furthermore, what would the self-expression be in a high-individualism community versus in a high-collectivism community?

The field of self-expression I would like to explore:

Appearance, behavior, lifestyle.

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To conduct my research better, I narrowed self-expression down to appearance at stage 1. I want to learn how invisible and visible discipline affected the way people show themselves.

For example, when we were in high school, we've been told to wear uniforms because it was written on school regulations. When it comes to corsets or other beauty tools, methods, people seem willing to try because they want themselves to be beautiful. These are "volunteer actions". They are packaged by invisible discipline. 

My question here is: 

What is beautiful?

Who defines beautiful?

How is a beautiful figure reproduced?

Experiment 1 - Happy Face Trainer


It’s a real product on the market. Happy face trainer is a tool to help you to enhance your mouth and jaw muscles and create the perfect smile.

Happy Face Box: happy face trainers, a mirror, a pen, instruction cards,

There are four instruction cards:

1. Look at the mirror and smile

2. Look at the product

3. Read the instructions

4. Use it by following the instruction. (Feel free to say No.)

I brought it to a 6-person group, only one person tried it.

Experiment 2 - Outfit Diary